E to the Mizzle (revokethygift) wrote,
E to the Mizzle

1) I had "one-sided eye sex" with Mr. Jones, to quote Ali Kaufman. I literally stared that man down/undressed him with my eyes as he left our chem class. I can't help it-- he is too cute! And smart! And funny!

2) I turned incredibly red while I gave the most awkward presentation of my life as my fellow group-member blatantly contradicted things I had already explained to Mrs. Pulido. I don't understand what it is; there is something about that class/that woman that intimidates me SO much. I don't get like that anywhere else except piano competitions. And I have a piano competition tomorrow, unfortunately, including for a concerto that I totally don't know, so I expect beet-redness there, as well. AGH. At least I am not like Vladamir Grancharov. If I say, "Hi,Vlad," when he's not expecting it, sometimes his whole face flushes.

3) I called Marisol afterschool and she happened to be in Mrs. Pulido's classroom and Dalia P. had Marisol act as a messenger in order to ask me questions about instructions she gave our English class. It was weird.

4) I read astrology books with Natasha and discovered "an unexpected relationship may be realized." Or something along those lines. If those books spoke the truth, they would really be like, "On February 10, Mercury will became retrograde and you will discover anything that claims to predict the future is false." Paradox?!

5) I resolved to stand up straighter and be more confident!

The end, I have to go practice for a trillion hours, gross. And then make a mix CD. And then go to bed early to wake up to go play piano for a bunch of uptight judges.
Oh, also I had a bite of the most delicious chocolate cake in the world today.
RIP Anna Nicole. And Natasha's cat :( And my fondness for Nick Katz.
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