E to the Mizzle (revokethygift) wrote,
E to the Mizzle

In preparation of Bush's speech...

"Greetings, Americans," does G. Dubya cry,
"I want more young soldiers to go off and die.
So be patriotic, support your fair nation,
Or you'll be like the gays, face eternal damnation;
Don't give me this crap about having no cause,
I want my presidency to be like my pa's,
To go out in the desert, to kill an Iraqi--
Hussein may be gone but those Arabs are wacky--
So tell your young children to forget about welfare,
There won't be no more money to pay for their health care.
Now if somebody liberal moves in next door,
Just raise your flags high and try to ignore
Their evil left ways, their immoral beliefs--
Think of protection, not of world peace.
So my fellow Americans, lay your conscience to rest--
Say farewell to the soldiers. Goodnight and God bless!"
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