E to the Mizzle (revokethygift) wrote,
E to the Mizzle

Here is what I think:
This is going to be a momentous year. I'm going to take the SATs, finish godawful junior year classes, have a bitchin' summer (yes, I used that word), be a senior, turn 17, apply for colleges, potentially get into college, get my license, get pregnant... what milestones!

Here is what else I think (in mildly-fragmented statements):
I like people who are smart. I wish I were taller...but I'd rather be smart than tall, if I had to choose between. In no way to imply that people must either be vertically- or mentally-impaired. I'm just saying. Also, I think boys are really silly. With phrasing like that, I sound like I'm about ten, but not a lot has changed since then except now it's about blow jobs, not holding hands. I'm exaggerating. Umm, what else. I just generally have a feeling that I'm going to grow up a lot this year and enjoy myself tremendously.

Aren't livejournals purportedly for teenage angst-driven prose? I don't have any right now, except for some mild frustration with my lack of assertiveness in certain situation, denial of facts that I might view as lucid if they concerned others and not myself, and general self-consciousness that is only to be expected, I suppose. I guess that means I have to up the maudlin melodrama factor of this by making up a hypothetical entry, as written by Miss Self-Righteous Teen USA.

fuk my mother that stupid bitch she yelled at me for fuckin having ppl over when she said not to . wtf she cant expect me to not have a lyf just cus she duznt have one. i cant fuckin stand her she just does w/e she can to make my lyf awful, she doesnt care about my feelings, she thinks im a teenage fukup. and omg mia is such a hoe omfg she totaly hooked up wit jared even tho she knos that i had acrush on him in 6th grade wtf. how did i ever call that bitch my friend. i hate everyone sometimes. i dont have any real friends. im gnna go watch the real world and listen to dashboard w/e peace out

Okay, enough.
Ewww, it's back to school on Monday. Tomorrow, I fully intend to have a fabulous last day of break.
Oh, and I really like the word 'sesquipedalian.' Anyone who reads this should look it up and learn it and then use it to describe themselves. Yes, please.
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