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I would really like for something exciting to happen to me. It doesn't have to be exciting, actually--I just want something new and different that's going to make me happy. I want my winter break to be great.

My day:
Went to bed at 2 last night, for one reason or another, so essentially sleep-walked out of the door in the morning. In multi- we spent 20 minutes each picking from a whole long list of ice cream flavors what personalized choice we would like Ms. McKinney to bring for us from Wall's. Because we really deserve it. Hah. I imitated Vladamir Grancharov's cool Bulgarian accent. I think I have it down pat. Salon said I should play Vlad's villainous wife in a chemistry video. I started a wave going throughout the chemistry classroom and even Mervin did it! (Casey Rudick did not. "Hands up in the sake of having a little fun? Completely ridiculous, I'm a wrestler and way too cool. I used to deal drugs. I give people dirty looks. Rock on." Oh, Casey.) I was informed by Adam Gordon that I am always smiling. True dat. I am basically a genuinely happy person, or at least I am easily entertained. (Sometimes my face hurts if I smile and laugh for a really long period of time. Freak? I can't help it. John Yetimoglu used to say I will have wrinkles by the time I'm twenty.) I had a discussion about modeling with Yvette, and Adam Gordon helped us define cute/pretty/beautiful/hot/sexy and provided examples. He rescinded his previous assertion that smart people can't be pretty. Karen Filipellis of the world, rejoice. Farroll<--what kind of spelling IS that?! "sang" and I laughed. Pedro Burg took me home in his little red Jetta. My neighbors employed my services. In a non-sexual way.

Okay, maybe I will have an adventure tomorrow. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
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