E to the Mizzle (revokethygift) wrote,
E to the Mizzle


SWF ISO crunked-out SM 16-18YO. Must have SOH and love thumb-wars and rock-paper-scissors. Must drive B/C I don't. WLTM someone to keep up witty banter and watch artsy movies. I am a RAISIN. NJBs OK, but no ASSESWTF. No EDs.

A - Asian
ASSESWTF - Argumentative Shallow SOBS who Everyone Surprisingly Wants to Fuck
B - Black
BBW - Big Beautiful Woman
BI - Bi Sexual
BiF - Bi Sexual Woman
BiM - Bi Sexual Man
C - Christian
CD - Cross Dresser
D - Divorced
DDF - Drug/Disease Free
Dom - Dominant Male
Domme - Dominant Woman
ED - Eating Disorder
F - Female
FTA - Fun Travel Adventure
G - Gay
GSOH - Good Sense of Humor
H - Hispanic
HWP - Height Weight Proportional
ISO - In Search Of
J - Jewish
LD - Light Drinker
LDS - Latter Day Saints
LOL - Laugh Out Loud
LS - Light Smoker
LTR - Long Term Relationship
M - Male MM - Marriage Minded
MSM - Men Seeking Men
MSW - Men Seeking Women
NA - Native American
NBM - Never Been Married
ND - Non Drinker
NJB - Nice Jewish Boy
NS - Non Smoker
P - Professional
RAISIN - Russian Actress In Search of Intelligent Nice-guy
S - Single
SD - Social Drinker
SI - Similar Interests
SOH - Sense of Humor
TS - Transsexual
W - White
W/ - With
Wi - Widowed
WLTM - Would Like To Meet
W/O - With Out
WSM - Women Seeking Men
WSW - Women Seeking Women
YO - Years Old
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